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You Saved My Golf Game!
I met Dr. Lisa in March of 2007 at an athletic club.  During our conversation I asked what she did for a living and she said she was a chiropractor.  I asked what method she used and she explained what it was and that it was researched based.  When she said that her method was researched based I was very intrigued because research uses data which really shows if there are improvements and positive results.

In March I set up my first appointment and went through one of her chiropractic sessions.   It was definitely different than what I was used to.  She showed me the different things that she does and also the different equipment for her office and for me to use at home.  Doing all that was required for 13 sessions through June 26, 2007 and then doing the after x-rays of my back and neck showed that my low back and neck had significantly improved.  The pain that I had in my low back is gone and I am feeling and moving much better.  I was able to golf again because of the exercises and equipment that is used with the method that Dr. Lisa uses. And on top of that, this summer I ran my very first Triathlon! This method of chiropractic is the best that I have been associated with in my time of seeing different chiropractors.

Not only is Dr. Lisa’s method of chiropractic great but her attitude is even better.  She is friendly and very patient when answering questions and I had many.  Her combination of her positive, friendly attitude and her knowledge of chiropractic make her an outstanding doctor.  She definitely helped me and given the opportunity to help you I am sure you will see the same type of results as I have.  — Mike M., Imlay City, MI

You Make It Fun To Come In !
Before I came in to see Dr. Smith, I was having so much trouble with my lower back and neck.  I barely could sit in the car, or sit anywhere for a long period of time.  It felt like my back was being compressed and it was hard to function day to day. The first thing I noticed when I came in to see Dr. Smith was the fact that I felt very comfortable in the office with her and her staff.  Right off the bat I started to feel better, and now I don’t have any problems driving or sitting.  They have made me feel so much better, but beyond that, they have made my therapy fun.  I say that because I will have to be honest…with my busy schedule, if I didn’t have so much fun every time I come into the office, I probably wouldn’t come in as much.  It is definitely not a dry boring doctor’s office, and I appreciate that very much.  I feel so much better and I have fun doing it … you can’t beat it!
Thank you Dr. Smith for everything! —Jennifer B., Grand Blanc, MI 

One In A Million
I have been suffering with low back pain since I was a teenager.  When I got the pain, it was like my whole low back would go into a big spasm, and it really limited me in what I could do, which made me upset.

I had tried two other chiropractors in the past and still had the lower back pain, which made me even more upset because I thought that was a chiropractor’s specialty.  I met Dr. Lisa Smith at a local business network group and gave her a try.

I have never felt as good as I do now!!  My low back pain is completely gone, and I am finding myself doing things that I never thought I would be able to do, and I have Dr. Smith to thank for that!  The best part of it is that she has taught me to do exercises and rehab at home, so I won’t have to rely on her anymore!  Having experience with chiropractic, I know that is not the norm, so Dr. Smith is definitely one in a million! 
Thanks Dr. Smith! — Tanya L., Grand Blanc, MI

A Dear Friend
I laid my 5-month-old baby down for a nap and decided to take one myself. When I tried to get up 30 minutes later, I felt my lower back tense up and then I felt a pinch, and I had the most excruciating pain in the back of my right hip. I couldn’t lift my bottom to scoot to the end of the bed. I couldn’t lift my legs to pull myself off. I couldn’t even sit up.  Luckily, my husband was there to help me by lifting me off the bed and to care for the baby! I could barely walk except to waddle, and sitting down was not an option (since I couldn’t get back up)! I even had to have my husband get me dressed. It was absolutely devastating being so helpless, especially when I was the one who takes care of everyone else. I thought I might need to go to the emergency room, but my husband suggested a chiropractor. So I called the Dr. Lisa Smith’s office, and they got me right in!!

I was so happy to be seen quickly, and the staff was BEYOND kind and so friendly. I felt like I had been a patient there forever, and they had only just met me! Dr. Smith was wonderful! She talked to me like a person, not just a patient, and really took the time to understand where I was coming from and the pain I was experiencing. She spent 4 hours with me adjusting me and having me go through exercises. By the end of the visit I felt a bit better, but still had a hard time walking.

By midnight that night, I was able to move so well!! I could get on and off the bed, and even lift my baby to feed him! By the next day I was able to walk without waddling and to even dress myself! Dr. Smith came in on her day off that day to spend yet another 3 hours with me. I was amazed at the dedication to her patients, to sacrifice her day off. Thanks to her and her wonderful staff, by day 2 I was able to move almost as well as I had before the injury!! And by the next day I had no problems moving at all! I am beyond thankful for Dr. Smith’s devotion to my health, and to always making me feel like a valuable person, who she truly cares about. When I went for my follow-up the next week, I felt like she was not only a FANTASTIC doctor, but a dear friend. Her staff is amazing and just as caring, and I can’t wait to see them again to help me get on a wellness program so that this sudden back pain won’t happen again! — Emily Dodge

40 Years of Daily Headaches GONE!!!
I would like to start my story by telling you a little about where I’ve come from so you can see why I’m so excited to tell my story about my experience with Dr. Lisa Smith.

Since I was a young teenager, I have been having daily headaches like clockwork. Some days were better than others, but I knew that every new day would bring a new headache. When I was experiencing these headaches, it would cause me to vomit sometimes, and most days to try to get rid of it, I would get in my bed, and cover my head with pillows and ice! I guess I just started getting used to them, so after the years went by, I really didn’t know what life was without them.

About 2 months ago, my daughter told me about Dr. Smith’s office, and how wonderful she was feeling because of the care she was receiving. I thought that I would give it a shot, because what else did I have to lose…and I’m sure glad I did! Dr. Smith was so nice to me from the start. She made me feel at home, and eased my mind about coming in. The first few visits I experienced, my headaches were still happening daily, but I was feeling better as far as the rest of me. Then it happened…on April 29th, I finally had a headache free day!! You don’t know how excited I was after 40 years of daily headaches to not having one! I have Dr. Lisa Smith to thank for that, and now I haven’t had one in over a month! Thank you so much Dr. Smith for all you did for me, and for getting rid of my headaches! — Robin  S., Ortonville, MI

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