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Good Bye Colic

Good Bye ColicMy sweet son Bo was born in December of 2015 and at 2.5 weeks something changed. We brought him home after visiting with family for the holidays and he would not stop screaming and crying. For the next five weeks I tried everything under the sun. We walked around the house, “stroller-ed” around the house, swaddled, gave warm baths, tried different holding positions, sleeping positions, swings, rockers. You name it; we tried it. I reached out to mothers in my family, other mothers, lactation consultants, and Bo’s pediatrician. The most common responses were, “he’ll grow out of it,” "try formula," and, “change your diet.” I knew in my heart that this wasn’t something to grow out of because he was clearly in pain, and there was not a chance of me switching to formula. So I doubtfully tried changing my diet. Maybe there was something that I was eating that was upsetting his stomach so badly. I immediately took out caffeine, chocolate, and broccoli, but then I was told to take out more such as dairy, nuts, fruit, and wheat. The last straw was when a nurse told me to eat “bland foods” over a long weekend to see if that helps. What was I to eat?! Where would I get my nutrition and where would my baby get his nutrition?! I was convinced that diet was not the problem because in those 5 weeks, I did not see one single change in my son’s behavior. I wanted answers and a solution. He still cried and fussed while he was awake and it was breaking my heart each day. He even grunted in his sleep of 2-4 hour periods.

When he was 7.5 weeks, I was eating my plain rice and plain organic chicken for dinner when it hit me. I needed to contact Dr. Lisa. I remembered from my treatments with her 3 years prior that she had treated babies with colic. I also knew that she had 3 children of her own and that she followed a very natural way of raising them. My whole body calmed at the thought of talking with her even before I sent the email. That night I had so much hope and relief and I felt that this would be the last night of Bo screaming in my ear as he was trying to eat and go back to sleep. Dr. Lisa called me the next morning, on a Saturday (her day off), and we discussed everything going on for little Bo, from pregnancy to the present. She offered to see Bo that day and I was more than willing to drive an hour and a half to see her because I knew that was the right thing to do for my son. They say that a mother’s instinct is always correct, and for me, it was. Dr. Lisa treated Bo with such gentle love and care. I handed her a screaming baby and with a smile on her face, she evaluated his body and his stomach. I can’t explain what she was doing, but I will say that she was working her magic. She was able to confidently narrow down where his pain was coming from. With her experience with babies, especially colicky babies, she showed me how to hold him to ease his stomach pain, she gave me breast-feeding advice, and we discussed a better sleeping routine. She provided me with two natural, organic, and gluten free supplements, that would help my body and little Bo’s body. By the end of our visit, Bo was so relaxed we were referring to him as a limp noodle. He went into the car seat without a single cry, he did not need a pacifier, and he slept the entire hour and a half home. Since our visit with Dr. Lisa, it is as though we have our sweet little Bo back. He smiles, coos, laughs, and is so content while he is awake and I have not seen the grunting or painful faces while he sleeps. Dr. Lisa is a great friend to me, and clearly an amazing doctor. She is a true blessing to my family.

Love and Blessings,

Tricia & Bo
Flushing, MI

Lucky Me!

Finding Dr. Lisa was like finding a four-leaf clover under a rainbow. It was one of the happiest days of my life!

I have suffered from severe scoliosis nearly all my life (53 years,) and been to different chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists, but did not receive any lasting help. In fact, many times I would end up with more headaches than before, and gradually needed more painkillers just to function on a normal level, when I felt I could hardly hold myself upright. I pushed through many days of severe backache that radiated from my neck into my shoulders and down my arms. Sometimes the pain was crippling as I cradled my hurting arm, and every night my hips tingled sharply as I tossed and turned, getting no more than four hours of sleep. I was constantly fatigued. Last summer after a severe pelvic floor prolapse and surgery I decided to renew my search for “proper” help, getting online and e-mailing scoliosis specialists across the country, and attending seminars by orthopedic surgeons. My Internet journey eventually led me to learning about the Pettibon System, and then one night I found discovering it was only ten miles from my home. The very next day I drove there armed with multitudinous questions. The moment I walked into Dr. Lisa’s office, totally unannounced, she took the time to answer me with great friendliness and understanding, and bid me welcome to stay a moment until she was free to show me around.

This was it! She was the one! Her vibrancy and knowledge struck a cord that resonated with me, and she had the answers I needed. Immediately I made an appointment for an examination in three days. Those days could not pass quickly enough! I was highly impressed with Dr. Lisa’s detailed exam, x-rays, and questions of my condition and health as a whole person rather than just my spine, discovering that I had three main curvatures to my scoliosis, kyphosis, and disk degeneration, with the loss of two inches of height. Dr. Lisa planned out a treatment program for me using the neck-traction, wobble chair, thoracic roller, posture retraining weights, and her adjustments. It was not easy at first; in fact, it was pretty difficult and sometimes right painful! But it was a good hurt because I knew my body had to be turned around – literally! The roller especially was “murdersome” but Dr. Lisa monitored my progress every week, and every week she was there cheering me on. (She is the BEST cheerleader!) Her cheerfulness and skill emanated hope for me, dispersing the gloom and pain in a truly remarkable way.

What I like about the Pettibon System is that it provides the tools for a person to continue care on their own. Basically it is so simple, natural, and easy to accommodate in the home, and I have even taken my equipment with me on trips. I wish more professionals would advocate the Pettibon System. It is working for me! Dr Lisa had two phases of care for me to work through, with a reevaluation after each one. It was a fantastic moment when I actually FELT taller. The pain in my arms and shoulders has gone and I hardly ever have a stiff neck any more; my massage therapist says she can tell how beneficial the exercise system and chiropractic care is on my body. I now sleep better, and can have two good days in a row, and know there are more good days awaiting me.

THANK you Dr. Lisa, my heaven-sent angel of mercy!

Catherine Basala
Rockford MI

Old Injury, New Approach!

I have had back and neck problems ever since I had a serious football injury four years ago. Since that time I have had constant pain and have seen multiple chiropractors, but they barely helped.

Dr. Lisa and the Pettibon system is a completely different approach to healing me and it has done wonders to help me with my pain levels. Before and after X-rays also show my dramatic improvements. The injury caused a dramatic curve in the wrong direction which has also improved. Since I began to see Dr. Lisa, the curvature in my neck has improved so much that it has helped me grow 1/2". I also would get migraine headaches on a regular basis after my injury but since I have gone to see Dr. Lisa I have had a great deal of improvement with them as well as my back problems.

Dr. Lisa herself is one of the nicest people I have ever met and she has a real passion for what she does. She is always excited to see her patients and to know how they are feeling. She does a great job explaining the procedures and exercises; as well as explaining how they will help improve their overall health of the patient.

Overall I would absolutely recommend Dr. Lisa Smith!! I was starting to believe my neck and back would never heal and that surgery would be my only option, but now I feel much better because this type of Spine and Posture care is unlike any other I have ever received.

Danny Veneklase
Caledonia, MI

Dr Lisa has made such as huge life changing impact in my health… my mom asked me what was going on! I told her, “My spine has been reborn!!!!”

I remember my first experience with chiropractic very vividly. I will never forget going the chiropractor as a child and that creepy old man would tell us, we can only cry in his office, no laughing. NO PROBLEM!! That man scared me, and I remember running crying out of there more than once. I hated the chiropractor!!!

Once I got older I stopped going to the chiropractor because it hurt, and I would always tense up and the chiropractor could never adjust me properly, so there was no help. After being out on my own for awhile my back became very sore and my hips seemed to be tight. I stand on my feel all day and by the end of the day my feet/ legs are numb. My mom told me to go the chiropractor, I rolled my eyes. Weeks later I called my second chiropractor and she told me that my insurance wasn’t in her “group”. I thought, OKAY, fine, I don’t want to go see you anyway.

A few months later it was worse. I had to do something. So I went in search of giving a third chiropractor a try. I pulled up my insurance page and looked though the names. I came to Dr. Lisa’s name and decided to call. When I called and told my mom I had an appointment at a chiropractor she laughed and said “Okay, sure you do”… I am so glad that I went in to that appointment! My mom and dad LOVED going to the chiropractor and I could never figure out why; until I met DR. LISA! My spine has been reborn!!!! Not only can I stand all day and go home and still feel my feet, my posture has improved. Dr Lisa has made such as huge life changing impact in my health my mom asked me what was going on. When I told her it was the chiropractor she about blew a gasket. My mom had an appointment with Dr. Lisa the next week! Now at night when my mom and I are doing our posture retraining head weights we call each other on the phone.

I don’t know where I would be today if I had not gone to Dr Lisa. The pain in my shoulders has left, my hips are no longer tight, and my feet are not numb at the end of the day. I have so much to be thankful for in my life family, friends, health and Dr. Lisa!

Marya Cross
Grand Rapids, MI

Taller, Straighter and All Pain Free!

Slouched forward, head drooping, looking shorter, back spasms, hurting neck, slumped sitting.....and just trying to straighten up wasn’t working. I’d look at my reflection in a mirror or store window and think who is that old man over there? I was looking 10 years older than my age and I didn’t like it. Yet, I didn’t know what to do.

I tried some yoga on my own....that didn’t work. Tried the posture DVD didn’t work. Just trying to stand taller only worked until I forgot and most times this put an ache in my lower back who would want to do that for very long. I tried physical therapy .......that didn’t work either. It might have relieved some present day symptoms, but it wasn’t the long term answer I had been looking for.

It had taken years to get to this poor posture and I needed an answer that provided short term relief with a long term plan that I could do on my own. Then one day while Google-ing the terms “spine, posture, grand rapids”......the answer to my problem was found......Dr. Lisa Smith and the Grand Rapids Spine and Posture Center! I couldn’t believe what I was reading.....every symptom and poor posture description fit me to a tee. I was “forward-head syndrome man” if there ever was one. But, I also saw the plan to change. The exercises, the equipment, the adjustments would enable me to work on my poor posture and relieve all of the body conditions my slumped posture was causing. And so, hoping I had found the answer....I made the phone call.

Dr. Lisa evaluated my body structure, planned how to change it and together we carried out the plan......both changing my posture for the better and showing me how to maintain and keep my correct posture for a lifetime.

The adjustments worked wonders. The exercises are fun to do. I began to see results quickly.......and I began to hear the comments... You look taller. Yes, the short term results were wonderful, but I also knew that to keep my results I would need to maintain my at home care on a consistent basis.....and luckily, because the exercises are both fun and make me feel good....this is a plan I know I can do.

So, if you are considering seeing Dr. Lisa.....don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t even put it off until tomorrow....make your appointment now! You will never regret a moment of it.

Oh, and one more you play golf? After a few months of wobbling, stretching, rolling, and weighting something happened I never expected.........

My measured golf swing speed went up 10 mph after 12 treatments! Need I say more?!

Thank you, Lisa!

Larry Podolak
Grand Rapids, MI

Train, No Plane and An Automobile - How to Heal For Real

About fifteen years ago I was hit by a TRAIN! Shortly after that incident I was rear ended by a speeding sixty mile an hour CAR. Both catastrophic impacts left me with whiplash and extensive ligament, muscle, and nerve damage. Both accidents left me with chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, back pain, and sciatica. I was Left in such disrepair that at one point I lost the use of my arms and legs due to severe weakness. Everyday chores that I had once taken for granted like Getting out of bed, getting dressed, and driving all required extra time & attention rendering me exhausted from what I once took for granted. I was a slug compared to most and the life I once knew. I would “GET THROUGH” the day with only energy to sit for the rest. No activity was possible. My performance at work was extremely poor. I was not only affected physically but my mental and emotional stability as well. My arms would ache at night preventing me from getting sleep. Much of my time was spent paying for massages and adjustments from my previous chiropractor.

I had been seeing a chiropractor for over thirteen years straight as often as three times per week with no less than 2 times weekly. Though the pain resided, I had no lasting results. I also had my arms massaged twice a week and took medication for the pain. Without chemical help my arm pain was unbearable. I was miserable! When visiting my daughter in Kentucky, I decided to see a neurologist. It was discovered that I had 2 bulging discs in my neck, 1 in my mid-back, 1 bulging disc in my low back. I visited a chiropractor that had a new type of treatment similar to Dr. Lisa’s, but was not as extensive and thorough.

When returning back to Michigan with my diagnosed issues I needed a chiropractor, he referred me to Dr. Lisa. Before meeting Dr. Lisa I had the impression from my past experiences with chiropractors that they only provided temporary relief of pain and discomfort. I felt like I had a life sentence of adjustments. Dr. Lisa is phenomenal. She is young, energetic, knowledgeable, and most of all very thorough while planning the care in correcting spinal problems. Dr. Lisa taught me spinal exercises to help heal, relax, and strengthen my spine. The neck traction, back roller, wobble chair, spinal molding fulcrums and posture retraining weights I used in visits while in the office, as well as having the equipment at home to speed up my recovery and hold my results strengthening my back correcting my posture. Now after just 5 months of treatment, I have full range of motion with complete restored use of my neck, arms, lower back, hips and my sciatic nerve has healed. Instead of seeing a chiropractor three times a week for thirteen years to manage my pain temporarily, I am now able to go a month between treatments with Dr. Lisa and feel alive and vibrant.

I absolutely recommend Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center to my friends & family. After treatment with Dr. Lisa, I am now able to sleep sound and comfortably with no pillows between my legs. I drove for 4 hours straight with no discomfort, which may not seem like a task to most but not many people have been hit by a train and a car in one year. I wake up revitalized and go to bed with no neck, arm, back, or hip muscle pain any longer. I finally don’t have to think about chiropractic visits daily. Most importantly I have the time and the comfort to live, breathe, relax, and enjoy life again!

Through the dedication, commitment, and persistence of Dr. Lisa and the Pettibon System, I have a brand new walk, brand new talk and a smile on my face and Dr. Lisa put it there!

Thank you Dr. Lisa!

Linda Walton
Grand Rapids, MI

My Previous Chiropractor Referred Me to Dr. Lisa Smith & I Am Extremely Grateful For My Improved Quality of Life!

This past year I have experienced chronic tightness and pain in the left side of my neck that was getting progressively worse. It got to the point that when I turned in my sleep, I would awaken suddenly from a sharp pain in my neck. My past includes two car accidents, during one of which the car I was in rolled three times. I also slipped and fell on the ice, hitting the back of my head.

My first experience with chiropractic was going to a chiropractor in the Grand Rapids area to try to stop ringing in my ear. I was treated for 14 months, during which time I fell and hit my head on the ice, triggering the neck pain. The chiropractor did not take x-rays, but continued to treat me, with no improvement. My neck was even more sore after each adjustment. I decided to seek the help of a different chiropractor. After adjusting me several times and taking x-rays of my neck, the second chiropractor immediately told me that I had structural problem with my neck & recommended that I get evaluated and treated by Dr. Lisa Smith.

Dr. Lisa promptly scheduled me for an initial exam that week. After her review of my spinal exam & x-rays, she explained that not only was my neck in spasm, but was limited in all motions. She also brought to my attention the reversed “S” curve in my neck instead of the correct backwards “C” curve. I was amazed to find that my head was 1 inch forward from my shoulders and torso and that my left shoulder was ½ inch higher than my right! I could clearly see in the x-rays and photographs where the pain in the left of my neck was coming from. I finally had an answer! My spine was clearly under stress and strain from being unbalanced & uneven. Dr. Lisa explained that in order to heal my neck & shoulders, I would need corrective rehabilitation of my spine & posture.

Dr. Lisa taught me that getting the normal range of motion back in my neck was essential for a pain-free spine and more important yet, that permanent pain relief requires the restoration of the correct spinal curves. She explained that I had lost fluid in my spinal discs in my neck. That was why at the beginning of her care I was 5’5 ½,” and at the end of her care I was 5/5’ ¾”. After Dr. Lisa’s corrective care program I not only feel great, but now know how to relieve the pressures from my tense neck and shoulder muscles on a daily basis at home with the repetitive neck traction and spinal roller equipment. When I have a stressful day, I know just what home exercises will help me feel better. Using the tools on a regular basis will help to continue to improve & maintain my good posture through stretching and strengthening my neck muscles, bringing my head back over my shoulders, and relaxing my shoulders back down. I know that if I ever can’t quite get all of the stress off my spine with my home exercises in the future, I know Dr. Lisa will get me right in for a treatment to get me back on track. Not only is my constant neck tension gone… but my husband noticed improvement in my posture right away!

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Lisa Smith for her expertise and encouragement. Coming to Grand Rapids Spine and Posture Center definitely improved my quality of life.


Gail Falcinell
Rockford, MI

A Mother and Daughter Chiropractic Story as told by Jacque and Ashley Carter

We learned about Grand Rapids Spine and Posture Center through Jacque’s NIKKEN WELLNESS booth at the Grand Rapids Women’s Expo in March 2009. Jacque met Dr. Lisa at that Expo and wanted to learn more about the Pettibon System treatment method. We were both believers in chiropractic and had used chiropractic often; it worked but didn’t seem to “last” between treatments. We were enthusiastic to learn about the Pettibon System because it focused on correcting the spine as a whole, not merely focusing on the problem areas. Our family simply doesn’t use medication except in emergency circumstances, which have been rare. We have been a proponent of using natural means when it comes to health and have practiced this concept for many, many years. The Pettibon System seemed to complement what we practice daily in our life and business.

We both had pain in the hips, back, and neck. I, Ashley, the daughter, had problems with muscle spasms in my back since 5th grade, which landed me in the emergency room at the time. The pain, including additional discomfort in my hips and neck, could incapacitate me at times. I also struggled with menstrual cramps so excruciating that I could not eat or leave my bed for 1 or 2 days. However, while the pain was challenging, I knew they were not life-threatening so I focused on natural means. And, with the help of Dr. Lisa, the Pettibon System, and other natural means, I have been given relief! The pain in all areas, especially as it relates to menstrual cramps and back spasms, continues to decrease significantly. I am now able to live my life again!

I, Jacque, Ashley’s mother, had issues not nearly as severe and did not affect my work or family life. They were simply sources of annoyance. There was a period of a couple of months when I had difficulty walking up or down stairs without experiencing increased pain. While this challenge eventually subsided through the natural means I use through my company, the underlying annoyance still occurred occasionally and so I wanted to see if full relief could be achieved. Using the Pettibon System, Dr. Lisa has taught me how to maintain my spine & postural correction with home equipment and periodic checkups. The annoyances on my left side in my hip, back and neck have been eliminated.

We are so pleased with our results and have recommended several people to Dr. Lisa’s office. This is because, in addition to helping others relieve their pain, Dr. Lisa provides quality customer service - something lacking in most businesses today. From the moment we walked into the office, we felt welcomed. Throughout our care that wonderful feeling has continued. Dr. Lisa goes out of her way to make us feel valued as patients and we see that occur with other patients as well.

Jacque & Ashley Carter, Schoolcraft, MI

Trip of A Lifetime: $ 5700
Not Even A Hint of Back or Neck Pain for the Entire Trip... PRICELESS !!

18 nights in 18 different beds with 18 different pillows:  $2700
Gas for 6000 Mile Summer Road Trip to see seven National Parks:  $1000
180 Mile Bicycle Trip through the Canadian Rockies:  $2000
Not even a hint of back or neck pain for the entire trip:  Priceless

THANK YOU Dr. Lisa.  You weren’t even there, but you made this incredible trip the success that it was.  Prior to working with you I couldn’t ride in a car for even three hours without neck pain.  And after working with you I happily spent over a hundred hours driving and riding without an ounce of pain.  Not to mention sleeping in lots of “strange” places with “strange” pillows – that wasn’t even an option for me in the past.  And - - I spent much of the windshield time knitting, and didn’t get “knitting neck” as I used to call it.

We rose a glass to you, and The Pettibon System, in eleven states and provinces.  And I’ll be singing your praises for many years to come.  Thank you for bringing your expertise to Grand Rapids and for making such a dramatic improvement in my quality of life.

Very sincerely,
Wendy Norton - Middleville, MI

But now I not only feel so much better, but I also can travel without worrying about pain, get a full night’s sleep, & have balanced hips so my favorite black skirt finally fits!!

I’m 55, and have lived with severe scoliosis since my mid-teens. I’ve tried just about everything - Rolfing, Reiki, pain clinics, orthopedic doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists…

Along the way, I’ve met incredible healers but, until now, I only managed my pain and discomfort – and the curves kept increasing in degrees. Even though I never wanted to give scoliosis “energy” and let it control my life, it did on many levels. I didn’t travel or stay with friends even overnight. I needed my own bed, pillows, ice packs, etc. I spent a lot of time close to home. I was in constant discomfort with muscle spasms, hips torqued…each day was different and even each hour. No part of my body was unaffected – neck, shoulders, knees, toes, wrists, jaw, even breathing.

When I read about Dr. Lisa in a Grand Rapids Press advertising supplement, a loud bell went off. This was for me! I know my body well, and the Pettibon System approach that she uses made perfect sense. No one had ever given me any hope that we could do anything more than manage pain. I’d never considered surgery, so I only hoped things wouldn’t keep getting worse. But they were.

I’ve just finished my first 12 sessions. My reevaluation with Dr. Lisa showed results that were even better already than I’d hoped for. My reevaluation x-rays showed that I am restoring my loss of curve in both my neck and low back, my forward head posture has improved, my mobility and flexibility has increased, and my head tilt, high shoulder, and high hip are becoming more balanced and I can see every day when I look in the mirror how my posture has improved.

Since my first treatment, I’ve slept through the night. Sleep has always been a huge problem for me. With constant discomfort, I’d change positions 100 times a night and wake up every 20 minutes or so. Just getting a full night’s sleep would make this treatment worth it!!! When I started, I rated my pain with in my neck, hips, lower back, mid-back, knees, even feet and toes– mostly as 8’s. (0 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain imaginable). When I reevaluated my pain levels last week, I rated most areas as merely a 0 or a 1. Even my neck, which has always felt like it was in a vice, only got a 2 this time!!! My hips are almost even and a favorite black skirt now fits without me rolling one side of the waist up several times.

Besides her incredible knowledge of the body and what she does, Dr. Lisa shows amazing love and concern for her patients. I feel very blessed to have met Dr. Lisa – and her assistant Amy. They’ve changed my life already!!!

Linda Miller, Grand Rapids, MI

Now my lower back almost never hurts, I can breathe much better, and my neck pain is manageable! For the last 15 years I could not take a deep breath, my lower back hurt, and I had chronic neck and shoulder pain. I’ve had many years of chiropractic and physical therapy visits along with taking prescription muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory pills. My Naturopathic Practitioner referred me to Dr. Lisa Smith at the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center because I was having very severe pain in my neck and shoulders. I wanted the pain to go away completely. Dr. Lisa was very easy to work with and always listens to my concern and has wonderful feedback. Dr. Lisa recommended treatment and exercises that she had prescribed for me to help put a normal curve back into my spine. Now my lower back almost never hurts, I can breathe much better, and my neck pain is manageable.

I have shared my story with many of my friends and family. I told them to visit Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center to help them with their chiropractic care. I want to say special thank you to Dr. Lisa and Amy for being so friendly, helpful and extremely informative.

Matthew Waidelich, Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Lisa and her practice have changed my life.
In 2003 I had a car accident that caused severe neck pain and headaches almost every day. Before Dr. Lisa, I saw 3 doctors, went through physical therapy twice, saw a specialist and went to the pain clinic. None of them gave much relief.

I was pessimistic at first but I was looking for something different. I gave more information on my consultation with Dr. Lisa than any doctor had asked for. After treatment began, I was amazed. I could go 2 weeks without a headache and now they are pretty rare. When I do get a headache, I use my neck traction at home and it is gone in 20 minutes. I am still working to restore the curve in my neck, but have achieved improving my forward head posture and increasing my lumbar curve.

I finally feel like I can live a normal life, as I get older. Dr. Lisa was the first to explain to me that I have a decreased cervical curve and 2 dehydrated discs in my neck that if neglected, could lead to further degeneration where the bones could permanently fuse together. That is pretty scary for anyone to hear especially to someone under 30. Then she taught me spinal therapy exercises and posture retraining to help prevent further degeneration in my neck by restoring the curve in my neck and by rehydrating my discs.

If you want to get better and strive for better health, Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center is the place to be!! Thanks Dr. Lisa and Amy.

Kellie Thorp, Grand Rapids, MI

I Can Now Go on Trips With my Wife, Walk 12 to 14 Miles & Feel Fantastic!
It had been at least 5 or 6 months that I had been dealing with intense lower back pain. Whatever I did whether it was cleaning my pool, unloading trucks at work or sitting at my desk all day, I was in agony. My favorite thing to do in the summer is play golf. I had to miss some nights because it was too painful to take a swing at the ball.

What brought me to the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center was how they were different from any other chiropractic office I had been to. When I was seeing another chiropractor, he spent about 10 minutes with me and I was on my way out the door. I did feel good for the rest of that day. I continued care every week but still had constant pain.

Upon meeting Dr. Lisa, I found that she listens and asks questions and genuinely cares for each and every patient she sees. She has also made me aware of how I sit at work affects my spine. I now make sure that my back is straight and that I’m not slouching. I have not only lost 8 lbs, but I can now go on trips with my wife, walk 12 to 14 miles and still feel fantastic from Dr. Lisa’s care and doing my personalized exercises at the center and at home. Thank you Dr. Lisa, now I can golf and feel great!

Phil Maguire, Grand Rapids, MI

It’s So Great Not To Have Headaches!
I have had headaches every day of my life until I started coming to the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, I love that Dr. Lisa taught me home exercises that I’m able to do on my own to help me prevent and relax headaches and keep me feeling great. Now that I have been given a personalized home therapy program, I’m keeping my progress instead of losing what I have gained from my treatments. If you experience some discomfort in your neck, head, or back, it is so empowering to know that you are able to do things for yourself, such as the home exercises and stretches, to relieve your discomfort and correct the problem! I must say that it is so great not to have headaches!!

I really appreciate the follow up evaluation and x-rays allowing me to see my progress of how my spine and posture were improving throughout care. When Dr. Lisa makes recommendations for how I can keep improving my health and making sure nothing is interfering with my progress, she is always very considerate of my feelings and doesn’t make me feel foolish or self conscious about myself. The experience at Dr. Lisa’s office is so friendly and the atmosphere is very enjoyable!

If you make the commitment to follow the program it really works!

Ann Doyle, Grand Rapids, MI

After Meeting Dr. Lisa, I Knew I Was In Good Hands!
I’d been going to my regular doctor for back and joint pain. He took some x-ray’s looking for arthritis in my back. The doctor could not find anything wrong. He sent me home with some Ibuprofen for the pain and told me to just live with it. After three years of pain, I’ve had enough!

My husband was introduced to Dr. Lisa Smith at a local BNI meeting that he had attended. After talking with her he knew that this new approach to chiropractic was what I’ve been looking for to improve my back pain. I made an appointment to have an exam and consultation with Dr. Lisa. After meeting her I knew I was in good hands! She gave me an adjustment and taught me some rehabilitation exercises. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt afterward!

I was also having some other health problems. When breathing, I was only getting half of the air that I should and I was also getting and numbness in my fingers! I didn’t even know these things were associated with my spine. After going through treatments with Dr. Lisa and doing my home care exercises, not only is my back and joint pain gone, my fingers aren’t numb and my breathing has greatly improved!

Thank you Dr. Lisa for helping me to be a BETTER ME!

Beth Sneller, Middleville, MI

I Have So Much More Energy
Before finding Dr. Lisa through my insurance company, I’d been having headaches everyday for 2 months straight. I went to my regular physician for help and he prescribed medication for my headaches. I still didn’t get much relief.

I had been to other Chiropractors before coming to the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center and as soon as I walked through the door, I knew this was different from any other place I’d been before. Dr. Smith was very thorough with her exams and x-rays. It was very reassuring to see my x-rays after one treatment and have Dr. Lisa show me how this unique style of rehabilitation I could do in the center and at home would help correct my spine and relieve my headaches. After three visits with Dr. Lisa, I went two days without a headache. It was awesome!

I have so much more energy and I don’t have to rest when I get home from work after a long day. I would definitely recommend the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center to my friends and family!

Carrie Schmechel, Grand Rapids, MI

Within a Few Weeks, I Was Able to Stand Up Straight & Get Back in the Gym!
I have been experiencing low back pain for a very long time caused by two bulging discs in my low back which actually stopped me from doing most physical activity. A good friend suggested that “anything” was better than the “nothing” that I was doing. I thought about massage and then decided I needed a more permanent solution.

I found the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center on our health insurance website. I started seeing Dr. Lisa in April 2008 at which time I was unable to stand up straight. In addition to my low back pain, Dr. Lisa explained to me that I also had spinal degeneration in my back and neck which was also adding to my overall discomfort. Dr. Lisa provided me not only with adjustments but also taught me home exercises to improve my spine and posture. Within a few weeks, I was able to stand up straight and resume my regular exercise at the gym. In addition, Dr. Lisa’s office was helpful and very kind about making my three children feel at home while they came with me on my visits.

I had sought chiropractic treatment in the past but felt it did not help. Dr. Lisa is easy to talk to and has spent a lot of time designing a personal program for me. She takes the time to ask me how I’m doing before treating me and evaluating any changes in the condition of my back. I also leave the center feeling better than when I arrived.

I am feeling much better and now know what I need to do to keep my spine healthy. For me, this process of following my personal program at home will be a permanent one but one well worth the time! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Lisa’s office to anyone with chronic back pain. It has certainly changed my life!

Amy Kroll, Grand Rapids, MI

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