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The Missing Link in Chiropractic Care is Correcting Posture

  • Most people who visit chiropractors get spinal adjustments, but do not get muscle stretching, strengthening & retraining.
  • Research has shown that performing spinal adjustments alone only temporarily increases mobility and reduces pain. Since the benefits last only hours or a couple of days, most people find that they must continue to see their chiropractor on a regular basis for a vary extended period of time.
  • The problem is that typical chiropractic care cannot correct abnormal posture & thus may not correct the true underlying cause of your health problem.
  • Also, postural muscles cannot be retrained by sitting up straight or by typical weightlifting.
  • We know that muscles & ligaments hold our posture in place, so in order to make a lasting change to the spine & posture, we have to retrain your muscles. We use the Pettibon Weighting System of spine & posture correction.
  • If you meet qualifications during your Pettibon Stress Testing, your postural muscles have the potential to be retrained using the personalized home therapy equipment known as the Pettibon Weighting System.
  • We provide a very specialized type of spine & posture correction, so we accept only those people who show a potential to benefit from the treatment.
  • On your second visit, you will be taken through a sample treatment, based upon your initial X-ray findings. During this treatment, you will be fitted for the Pettibon Weighting System, the world’s first and only patented and proven non-surgical spinal correction equipment. After wearing this equipment for about 10 minutes, you be X-rayed while wearing the equipment.
  • If these stress x-rays show a positive change in the configuration of your spine and posture, then we can accept you as a patient in our program. If you do not change, or get worse, then you are not a candidate for this treatment, and will be referred to the next most appropriate provider.

Abnormal Posture & Loss of Spinal Curves is Stage 1 Spinal Decay!!

  • Did you know that the loss of proper spinal curves in your neck & back ,the resulting dehydration of your spinal discs, and impaired turning & bending is Stage 1 Spinal Decay?
  • Spinal Decay or degeneration or osteoarthritis if neglected, can worsen.
  • Stage 2 Spinal Decay is roughening of the joint surfaces, bone spurs growing out from your spine, & reduced mobility.
  • Finally, it can worsen into Stage 3 Spinal Decay which is severe bone remodeling, irreversible joint fusion & permanent loss of motion.
  • The arthritic effects of this relentlessly worsening progress can be seen on x-rays.

Why Do Some People Have Poor Posture?

  • Abnormal posture is often the result of uncorrected stress or spinal trauma from injuries/accidents or repetitive daily activities, that have changed the shape & function of affected joints.
  • When the vertebrae are misaligned, spinal distortions occur, and this causes stress on the spinal cord & the nerves that pass between the vertebrae to the rest of your body parts and organs.
  • If you have poor posture, and it is not being corrected, it may be adversely affecting your overall health.
  • Research has shown that: “Abnormal posture is evident in patients with chronic pain-related conditions including backache, headache & stress-related illnesses.”- AJPM
  • The most common postural weakness is Forward Head Syndrome (head & neck starting to bend forward & progressively moving downward weakening the whole body). For every inch that your head (ear) is in front of the center of your shoulder, it feels like 10 lbs of added stress on your neck, back & shoulders. Have you ever been told or felt like you carry your head forward, rounding of your shoulders or developing a hump at the base of your neck?


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