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When you are planning a first time visit to the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center, you may find this page very helpful. The following points are a rough idea of what you may expect, but every consultation and exam with Dr. Lisa is subject to vary based on Dr. Lisa’s discretion and your individual case.

  • It is recommended that you wear plain clothing with no buttons, zippers, lace, etc, or to bring with you a change of clothes such as a T-shirt & sweat pants or gym shorts. (Women please wear a sports bra or a bra without metal & clasps under your T-shirt), This is because Dr. Lisa may recommend digital x-rays in our clinic. The digital x-ray machine is very sensitive to showing overlying clothing objects in fine detail and it’s important to see the spine as clear as possible.

  • Collection of your completed NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK.
  • Consultation/discussion of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, heath history, health goals and examination.

  • Assessment of posture.

  • Measurement of height.

  • Digital spinal x-rays if needed.

  • Payment options for your visits include cash, check, debit card, or Visa or Mastercard.

  • Scheduling of 2nd visit to go over the findings from initial examination & x-rays from your initial visit. Performing of adjustments and/or spinal rehabilitation and/or test treatment. Recommendation of your personalized treatment program options, from office care to home care.

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