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Dr. Lisa Ver Meulen, DCI want to welcome you to Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center. I look forward to getting to know you & building a trusting relationship with you. I want to take a minute and tell you a bit about myself so we can become better acquainted.

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to have a career serving others in the health profession, but I wasn’t sure which health field would be my ultimate choice. I chose Michigan State University because of its reputation as a challenging school, known for its science courses and research background.

Meanwhile, I was having neck pain & migraines daily for as long as I could remember. When I went to my family physician, he literally laughed at me & said “You’re young, it’s nothing” & prescribed a painkiller. That day I decided to take my health into my own hands & search for a treatment that could help me.

During my studies at Michigan State University, my calling to be a doctor of chiropractic hit me upside the head, so to speak. One morning, as my alarm went off, I had debilitating pain & extreme pressure in my head & neck to the point that I couldn’t stand. All of my roommates and friends had gone home for the summer semester. I was alone and felt so helpless! God bless my parents for driving from Bay City to East Lansing that day to take me to the ER! The hospital gave me every test they could think of, from blood work to a CT scan, & even a spinal tap. They told me all tests were normal & gave me Vicodin for the pain which made me feel worse & caused me to vomit. I looked into other options & decided to see a chiropractor. After examining me, she knew I had a spinal problem that she could help. After that first time she adjusted me, I had instant relief. Right there & then I knew the power of chiropractic. I knew that no matter what it took, I wanted dedicate my life to chiropractic.

Meet Dr. Lisa Ver Meulen, DCWhile attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, I realized that adjustments alone only temporarily relieved my migraines. If I was going to call myself a spinal expert, I needed to know how to correct the spine long term. I searched to find a method of chiropractic that made permanent corrections. I decided to take several elective courses on Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics taught by Dr. Mark Morningstar. The Pettibon System was exactly what I was looking for.

As a research-driven person, I was so happy to find the meaning & science behind the Pettibon System of care that makes predictable, measurable corrections to the spine. It made perfect sense to me that to correct an abnormal spine & posture and hold that correction, you must strengthen the postural muscles and ligaments that are responsible for holding the spine in place, as is done with the Pettibon Weighting System. I love empowering & teaching people how to improve their lives & how to take care of themselves so they aren’t dependent on me. It’s great because our personalized home therapy equipment is designed to correct the spine & posture in the comfort of your own home!

I also understand the great value of providing your body with the best nutrients. I enjoy helping patients meet their individual nutritional needs, address their health concerns, & improve their quality of life in the most advanced natural way by offering nutritional support of Standard Process Whole Food supplements. For over 85 years, Standard Process has harvested plants grown in nutrient rich organic soil for their supplements to feed & support your health. Our family is proud to have visited Standard Process’ 420 acre organic farm & home office in Wisconsin and we have seen first-hand how seamlessly nutrition flows from seed to supplement. Our family takes Standard Process Whole Food supplements daily & not only have I personally experienced the healing power of whole foods, but also, it has been a life-changing experience for our whole family.

Our family also uses as many natural & organic products as possible in our home & we love our BETTER LIFE household cleaning products that are free of SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Parabens, Phthalates, Dyes, & Alcohols. Better Life’s mission from the onset has been to create natural household cleaning and personal care products which are of a great value to you on many levels. Unmatched in safety and unbeatable in performance are first and foremost. Better Life has developed plant derived products without compromise – the mission is simple, yet not easy to duplicate. All Better Life products are safe for people and pets, safe for the surfaces in your home and safe for the environment. Better Life never release a product unless it can meet or exceed the performance standards set by the conventional equivalent. Better Life’s best measure of value is delivering on our promises and exceeding your expectations with every use. I offer patients Better Life’s high performing cleaners that are completely safe to help them create a healthy environment for life!

It brings me much joy to inspire & empower others!!! Through faith, hard work and dedication, I believe all things can become new. I hope you have learned something about me and I look forward to getting to know you and creating a special success story with you!

Dr. Lisa Ver Meulen, DC (formerly Smith)
Doctor of Chiropractic

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