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Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center is an Innovative Healthcare Center proud to be the FIRST of its kind in West Michigan!

  • We use an advanced scientific approach to chiropractic that many doctors & patients have not experienced known as the Pettibon System of spine & posture correction. The Pettibon System is one of a handful of techniques whose initial and outcome assessments of patient results & progress are measurable on x-ray.

  • (Click on the following Xray photos for close-ups.)
    Before-After 1
    Before-After 2
  • We use the Pettibon Weighting System, the world’s first and only patented and proven non-surgical spinal correction equipment.

  • We are proud to offer “state of the art” digital x-ray equipment that translates into better healthcare. Patients receive the lowest possible exposure with the highest quality images. We use advanced computer software to analyze the current condition of your spine & posture health & to determine your course of treatment.

  • Perhaps the single most distinguishing characteristic of our treatment is the ability to predict whether or not you will get results, BEFORE you begin any treatment. Each patient is taken through a series of tests to determine if and how they will respond to care. We can predict with great confidence if a patient will benefit from care.

  • Our unique mission utilizing the Pettibon System is to teach our patients how to be independent. We teach our patients how to maintain their spine & posture health after treatment goals are met through personalized home exercises & personalized home therapy equipment that is theirs to keep. Our patients are taught specific exercises and actively participate in rehabilitation in our clinic & at home, based upon their structural, functional, & neurological needs from the latest research & technology available.

  • Patients do not wait in a waiting room, but immediately start preparing for their examination by performing warm up exercises and stretching their muscles, ligaments, and discs.

  • It is the rehabilitation program that speeds up the patient’s recovery, reduces the number of office visits, helps to heal & rehydrate the spine, and helps to reshape the spinal curves & posture.

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