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The following are just some of our Personalized Home Therapy Equipment designed to correct the spine & posture. Dr. Lisa Ver Meulen, DC incorporates this unique therapy into patient care and patients use these therapies in the office rehabilitation stations & daily in the comfort of their own home!

Cervical TractionCervical Traction

  • Warms up the discs prior to the adjustment & prior to spinal molding at home so you can reshape your spinal curves more easily.
  • Reduces aches & discomfort in the neck, arm, mid and low back & aids in the prevention & recuperation of injuries. Increases the function of the first 4 cervical vertebrae to re-stimulate endorphin production which decreases pain.
  • Re-hydrates/re-inflates the discs & keeps them young & strong
  • Assists in the healing of disc bulges & disc tears.

Wobble Chair Wobble Chair

  • Warms up the discs prior to the adjustment & prior to spinal molding at home to reshape the spine more easily.
  • Reduces stress in the low back & aids in the prevention & recuperation of injuries.
  • Re-hydrates & re-inflates the lumbar discs & keeps them young & strong & flexible
  • Assists in the healing of discs bulges & tears
  • Enhances oxygenation of blood & stimulates metabolism, which is necessary for the prevention of disease. Helps circulate CSF (fluid that nourishes the brain & spinal cord).

Thoracic Roller Thoracic Roller

  • Allows the thoracic spine (midback) to be mobile so it can react to the corrections in both the cervical spine (neck) & lumbar spine (low back).
  • Reduces muscle spasms or tightness & breaks up lactic acid in your muscles to prevent muscle cramping/pain.
  • It puts the thoracic spine through its full range of motion.

5-Way Cervical Stretch Exercise5-Way Cervical Stretch Exercise

  • 5 way traction is necessary for stretching chronic, splinted postural muscles so that their splinted memory can be removed, then normal function & memory can be reestablished.
  • Allows for more motion to restore normal cervical (neck) curve.

Neck Pro Cervical TractionNeck Pro Cervical Traction

PTLMS / Deep Tissue MassagePTLMS / Deep Tissue Massage

  • “Pettibon Tendon, Ligament, Muscle Stimulator” is a therapy device used prior to the mobilization to start the Detoxification Process (Flushing body of Toxins)
  • Relieves Muscle Spasms (especially in the thoracics (midback) to assist in changing the lordotic curves in cervical (neck) & lumbars (low back).
  • Helps to Re-Structure Scar Tissue, Adhesions, etc.
  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation

Mobilization / Adjustment

  • Mobilization / Adjustment To provide a temporary increase in joint mobility to increase the effectiveness of the spine & posture rehabilitative procedures performed taking advantage of the increase in the joint range of motion.
  • Improves performance & energy.
  • Optimizes nerve system function, improves organ function.
  • Increases your range of motion, mobility, & flexibility.
  • Spinal & extremity pain relieved.
  • Decreases multiple symptoms, such as headaches, sciatica, neck & back pain, numbness, tingling, burning, etc.
  • Decreases muscle spasms.
  • Improves balance & coordination (along with Posturomed).
  • Quicker recovery from injury.
  • Increases the function of your Immune System.
  • Promotes tissue oxygenation by increasing lung capacity.

Benefits of Prenatal AjustmentsBenefits of Pre-natal Pettibon Care

  • The female’s posture also changes significantly in a relatively short period of time causing new biomechanical forces.
  • Women are under significant hormonal influences especially estrogen & relaxin. These changes can cause areas of hyper and hypo mobility.
  • The sacrum (last bone in the spine) is a major focus during labor due to the pressure created by the fetus lying directly on it.






Body Weighting

  • Body_WeightingWhen worn immediately after the mobilization for 10 minutes on vibration or at home for 20 minutes after cervical traction & wobble chair, the Pettibon body weighting system will help you HOLD & STABILIZE your correction LONGER to accelerate your results.
  • The WEIGHTS are what make the spinal correction by causing the nervous system, righting reflexes, innate organizing energy, & spinal muscles to correct the spine & posture. The adjustments speed up the process!
  • Corrects Forward Head Syndrome & overall posture. Strengthens weakened neck muscles.
  • Relieves pressure & stress on degenerative discs & damaged ligaments so they can re-hydrate/regenerate & heal. Relieves tension on the spinal cord helping energy to flow easier from the brain into the body, restoring overall health.

Body WeightingVibration Therapy

  • Vibration causes your muscles to twitch between 20-50x’s per second which helps with gaining muscle tone.
  • Allows for strength training without putting stress on your heart muscle.
  • When you work out, you recruit approx. 40% of your muscles, but when you are on the vibration, you recruit 100% of your muscles giving you a true full body workout!
  • Causes your muscles to relax, so your posture reflexes have to rely on other means to correct your posture (i.e. your headweight, shoulderweight, hipweights, etc.).



Spinal Molding on FulcrumsSpinal Molding on Fulcrums

  • Designed to begin restoration of spinal curves.
  • It is an entirely passive exercise performed, uninterrupted, for at least 20 minutes right before you go to bed.
  • Allows the fluid in the discs, that were previously warmed from your nightly exercises, to cool to a hydrogel state, promoting the normal curves that are necessary for spinal stability.

Spinal Fulcrum ExercisesSpinal Fulcrum Exercises

  • You only have one spine and it has to serve you a lifetime.
  • If you are committed to your health & put aside 20 minutes each day to follow these exercises on your fulcrums, you will be on your way toward increased mobility, vitality & no limitations.
  • Forms & strengthens spinal curves
  • Supports rehydration of spinal discs
  • Helps gain strength & flexibility to muscles & ligaments
  • Increases motion to the spine & begin the remodeling process of scar tissue.

Spinal BlockingSpinal Blocking


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