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I bet you wonder why we are different at the Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center…
From the moment you walk into our Center, you will experience a New Way for a New Life. Dr. Lisa Ver Meulen, DC is the only chiropractor in West Michigan certified in the Pettibon System. This system combines chiropractic care with spinal rehabilitation to relieve symptoms & improve overall health through reshaping the spinal curves & posture.
The Pettibon System speeds up recovery, reduces the number of office visits, helps to heal & rehydrate the spine & helps to reshape the spinal curves & posture. All patients are tested before beginning treatment to determine if & how they will benefit from our care. Patients under our care actively participate in their rehabilitation at our Center & at home with their personalized home therapy equipment to help make a lasting correction to their spine & posture.
Many patients that visit our center for symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, back pain & discomfort, often have poor posture & abnormal spinal curves as the cause of their discomfort. If you have poor posture that is not being corrected, it can be having an adverse affect on your overall health. Your posture not only affects you in ways such as in spinal pain, but your posture actually affects every function of your body such as your lung capacity, blood pressure, hormone production, mood, etc. Posture also ultimately affects how you look & feel about yourself! Our goal at Grand Rapids Spine & Posture Center is to help you correct & maintain your spine & posture, resulting in relief from your symptoms & a better quality of life without becoming dependent upon us. We want your life to be healthier & happier because of your relationship with us!

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